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Labour Market Impact Assessment


Are you an employer looking for LMIA assistance?



In essence, a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is an authorization issued by the Canadian Government that allows employers to hire one or various foreign workers.

An LMIA is issued by Employment and Social Development (ESDC), also known as Service Canada. It outlines the impact of hiring a foreign worker in Canada’s labor market.

It proves the business’ legitimacy, financial capacity, and a genuine need for foreign workers.


Obtaining a positive LMIA is a complex endeavor. Having professional assistance during this process will enhance a Canadian company’s chances of getting a positive outcome. Errors and omissions will lead to refusals or unnecessary and costly delays.


We help Canadian employers find temporary staff and bring qualified foreign workers to fill their labor needs. Our team is equipped with excellent resources to help you obtain Canadian educational and occupational related certifications to maximize your earning potential by providing you with the tools you need to work in your field of expertise.


We offer more than LMIA application assistance. We also:

  • Provide employers with legal information and requirements for hiring a foreign worker, such as: defining the National Occupation Classification (NOC) code, required wage rates, air transport, and accommodation responsibilities.
  • Help our clients comply with advertising and other requirements according to their specific province. We can assist with recruitment efforts through the Canadian job bank and alternate recruitment channels.
  • Act as the third-party representatives before ESDC ensuring minimal delays and unnecessary burdens to our clients.
  • Send the LMIA confirmation letter to our agencies abroad so foreign candidates can process their visa applications in the nearest Canadian Consulate.


To speak with a Regulated Immigration Consultant about a Labour Market Impact Assessment,  please call 1416-290-5763 or email us at